We all would like to thank Grace Barnsley for doing such a brilliant job with shooting these photos and for all the hard work which has gone in to editing them. We really do apprieciate the time and effort put into them. Thanks Gracey !!

New line up!

little band adventure in lukes new car!

little band adventure in lukes new car!

Alright guys here it goes. We are afraid we have some unfortunate news to break to you all, George is no longer with us as he has other commitments to pursue. HOWEVER don’t worry, we are working 110% behind the scenes to make sure we can continue making love to your ears later on this year. We are not splitting up by any means, we’ll just be off the gigging scene now for a couple of months. However fear not, we’ve got plenty planned for the year. We wish George all the best for the future and would like to thank him for the great times we’ve had together as a band! We do have a couple of possible replacements lined up but anyone who can slapa’ de’ bass and is interested, feel free to get in touch!

"Front lady leads the band well with a fresh clean vocal and lead guitarist is excellent. Great overall sound to the band along with a catchy song."

Live and Unsigned 2012, Live and Unsigned, Feedback from Derby Regional Finals

"Their distinctive pop rock sound is created with slow mature form of rock music harmonized with the subgenre of pop music. Emily’s soft gentle vocal surprisingly matches the heavy beats Luke creates."

Radicals Rising Review of Gig at The Underground 29.09.12

Play For A While - Demo Track